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Opinion Pieces Written Following Completion of Manuscript - 2023 and 2024

6-18-24-Follow-the-Money-press-release.docx (210 KB)

This Op/Ed Explains how Ranchers over the last 44 years have lost 26% of the consumer to the packer and retail cartels. The ability of beginning ranch families to survive is in jeapardy.

The link is to a webinare in which I participated discussing the importance to livestock producers and consumes to reauthorize Country of Origin Labeling.


YouTube video "COOL, the WTO, and the Way Forward": https://youtu.be/CXBdwjlzPfo

Argues that USDA proposed mandate to require electronic ear tags in cattle moving interstate will be used by packer cartel to vertically integrate the cow/calf sector of the cattle industry.

Deals with the myth that cattle are particular guility of the emmission of greenhouse gasses

This is about he dysfuncition in Congress in passing a Farm Bill, particularly one that includes Country of Origin Labelling

Questions how USDA will be able to know how the beef they purchase for their nutrition programs actually come from cattle raised in the USA

Discusses the defficncies of the proposed Cattle Price Discovery and Transparnecy Act and how that can be fixed. 

This is about the proposal by USDA to require cattle to be identified with electronic tags.

This op/ed is about reform of the beef checkoff tax

This is about Tyson Beef's move to vertically integrate the cow/calf sector of the cattle industry

This is a rebutal of a particularly stupid editorial in the magazine Drovers

On April 27, 2022 I was asked to testify at: House Agriculture Committee Hearing: An Examination of Price Discrepancies, Transparency, and Alleged Unfair Practices in Cattle Markets. April 27. 2022